Best Ways to View the Scenic Santorini Sunset with the least crowd (even entirely privately)

May 4, 2021 | BLOG

Santorini is, without a shadow of a doubt, the Queen of the Cyclades that enchants visitors with its allures. One of these charms is, of course, the world-renowned Santorini sunset. People from all across the globe travel to the beautiful island in the Aegean Sea to lay eyes on the most romantic and idyllic sunset views. They don’t mind rubbing shoulders or racing for a great viewing spot with hundreds of other tourists that gather at popular sunset spots for the same reason at the same time.

However, did you know that this does not necessarily have to be the case? You can enjoy equally heart-stopping Santorini sunset panoramas from lots of places around the island, depending on the level of privacy you wish. In this list, we share superb locations to pamper yourself with fantastic vistas of the sun slipping behind the horizon, adorning the Mediterranean sky with shades of golden oranges and fiery reds.

Restaurants with sunset views

Instead of getting yourself squeezed with large crowds, you can enjoy a late afternoon meal or cocktail at a restaurant that offers unobstructed Santorini sunset views. You will find plenty of these scattered around the island, from the capital of Fira to the smaller villages and towns. Just make sure you make early reservations, just in case.

The Akrotiri Lighthouse

Tucked in a peaceful location overlooking the sea, Akrotiri, Santorini is perfect for romantic and utterly blissful moments. The fact that it is not commonly held makes it even more special. You won’t be able to access the interior of the lighthouse, but you can sit on the rocks by the sea or its exterior stone wall.

Locals say that this is the perfect spot to treat yourself with pristine Santorini sunset panoramas as the sinking sun floods in the Akrotiri Lighthouse! Sheer magic! Akrotiri Lighthouse is easily accessible from Akrotiri village, and the drive there also dazzles with prime seascapes.

The Caldera

Not many people visit the Santorini Caldera to watch the last rays of the sun and fill their souls with the unbelievable energy exuding from this spectacular sight. However, the pictures you will get from atop the Caldera will reward you for sure.

Plus, you will capture both the amazing Santorini sunset AND part of the imposing Caldera, which is an attraction on its own. And, if you are lucky and the sky is crystal clear, you may even get shots of the volcanic islands of Nea Kameni and Palia Kameni in the same picture!

Your Maison Des Lys hotel room

Indeed, the prestigious location of Maison Des Lys on top of the Caldera and its Santorini cave suites overlooking the Aegean Sea are excellent options for ultimate privacy.  You not only get to skip all the crowds and be certain that it will be just you and your significant other but also treat yourself to captivating panoramas of the descending sun.

Maison Des Lys is one of the very few Santorini hotels with a private pool that provides its guests with utmost luxury, exceptionally high levels of privacy, and the richest range of modern comforts and amenities.

So, you can enjoy 5* amenities, VIP services, unique views of the sunset, and glimpses of the absolutely ravishing Santorini volcano at the same time.

Private boat tour

This is yet another way to watch fab Santorini sunset vistas from an entirely different and special angle – from the water. You could opt for one of the many boat tours organized around the island or consider Santorini private tours whose itinerary and schedule are fully customized according to your needs and requirements.

Depending on the boat tour you choose, you may either visit other places around the island or just drop anchor amidst the archipelago and savour a fine meal accompanied by a glass of the best Santorini wines.

A winery on a hilltop location

Not many people think of this option, but it gives you the chance to combine a wine-tasting tour  with gorgeous sightings of the Santorini sunset. Imagine sitting on a hillside winery or even atop a hill with delicious wines and local appetizers on your table while the sun is kissing the day goodbye! And, it would probably be just you and a couple more people sharing unforgettable moments like this.

Want to opt for a personalised winery (or another) tour? Feel free to ask the friendly receptionist at Maison Des Lys for assistance and guidance. Besides one of the few 5* hotels with exquisite Santorini suites with a private pool and comprehensive guest services, Maison Des Lys is a guest-centric accommodation option dedicated to ensuring its guests live the Santorini allure in its full glory.

Enjoy your stay!