7 Absolutely Magnificent Santorini Villages + One That Stands Out For Its Exclusivity & Idyllic Views

Aug 12, 2021 | BLOG

One of the most captivating sights in Santorini is the picturesque Santorini villages that impress with their minimalistic style and the milky houses with the bougainvillea trees lining the narrow, maze-like cobbled alleys. Each enticing with its own glam and draw, they offer idyllic sights and a chance to blend with the friendly locals and be the recipient of the hospitality and friendliness the islanders are so known for.

Depending on what experience you are after while holiday-making in Santorini, there is definitely a place cut for you. For instance, Oia and Imerovigli are famous for the glorious Santorini sunset views. Perissa offers a pristine shore with amazing seascapes. Fira is home to the infamous blue-domed churches featured in many postcards. As for the area around Pyrgos, it provides the most fertile land for the award-winning Santorini wines.

Below is a guide with the three most popular Santorini villages and some key features that distinguish one from the other:

  • Fira – The island’s capital is the beating heart of Santorini, with lively nightlife. This includes a fine dining scene and lots of bars serving refreshing cocktails. Fira or Threra is also home to mind-blowing views of the Santorini volcano and iconic landmarks, such as the Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral with the beautiful frescoes.
  • Imerovigli – One of the most spectacular Santorini villages situated on the highest point of the Caldera. It has a long history and hosts Skaros Rock, one of the most important local attractions. It got its name from the pirates that used to operate in the area in ancient times and is translated as the Day Guardian of the Region due to the village’s key position.
  • Oia – A magical village with Instagram-perfect sunset views from the Oia Castle. Within a close range, you will find the lovely Baxedes beach with the lava rocks, as well as the Fira-Oia trail that rewards with exceptional wild beauty and panoramic views of the island and the Mediterranean Sea.

Other Villages Worth visiting

Besides the “big three” mentioned above, some smaller (yet equally alluring) Santorini villages that can add even more excitement and magnetism to your Santorini holidays are:

  • Perissa – A delightful seaside village with a laid-back resort atmosphere, a famous black-sand beach, and a great variety of restaurants and bars. Many Santorini private tours and excursions also start from Perissa and take you all around the island.
  • Kamari – A much-visited beach resort with a lovely promenade for a leisure stroll overflowing with taverns, cafes, bars, and restaurants. The beach is another pole of attraction for this adorable village, also welcoming sunbathers to volcanic black sand and crystalline waters.
  • Pyrgos – Amidst a lush land, the vineyards-surrounded medieval settlement provides an unruffled air of trendy and casual. Its hilltop location also makes it ideal for enjoying ravishing views of both sides of the island.
  • Megalochori – Apart from its natural beauties, Megalochori is also home to three wineries, magnificent old mansions with traditional Cycladic architecture, and immaculate vistas of the shimmering sea.

Needless to say, there are many more Santorini villages that fascinate with their glamour, style, and amenities. For that reason, you could request a personalised private tour to the ones you feel more drawn into, whether on the lists herein or not!

What Makes Akrotiri the Most Popular & Exclusive Santorini Village

Most of the time, you are called to choose between privacy, scenic vistas, exclusiveness, and tourist facilities. Luckily, this is not the case with Akrotiri Santorini, which enables you to have an all-around experience. This includes pristine views, maximum privacy, and the royal experiences you are used to without having to make any compromises on anything.

Another reason why Akrotiri is a favored destination is its proximity to the Red Beach and, of course, the archaeological site that has been linked to the legend of the Lost Atlantis. So, if you feel like leaving your private pool (let’s not forget that Maison Des Lys is a 5* Santorini hotel with a private pool) to explore the roundabouts, you have plenty of options.

Of course, not all areas of Akrotiri are the same. The Maison Des Lys Santorini luxury hotel, for example, is located right on the edge of the Santorini Caldera overlooking the Aegean Sea. This means that every sunrise greets its guests with gorgeous seascapes.

The sunsets are also utterly captivating from any Maison Des Lys Santorini cave suite. Combined with the profound sense of privacy, which allows you to indulge in relaxing, calm, and peaceful moments with your partner, you have something hard to find in the crowded Oia and Fira villages.

Without a doubt, Akrotiri is one of the dreamiest Santorini villages for a lot of reasons – primarily for the much-needed tranquility and spellbinding views. In addition, the vibrant night scene and the luxury services on offer justify its fame as a high-in-demand Santorini region.

Away from the touristy areas, Akrotiri offers opportunities for composure and romance, which is one more component that makes it so appealing to couples having a Santorini honeymoon.