Santorini Hot Springs – A valuable healing asset in Santorini’s arsenal

Aug 25, 2021 | BLOG

Made of volcanic rock in its entirety, Santorini welcomes visitors with pristine sights not seen elsewhere. Cave houses, rugged cliffs, black and red volcanic beaches, underwater caves, and many more comprise a stunning landscape that looks fantastic standing against a blue backdrop that blends the milky white of the sugar-cube houses with the azure of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean sky. Amidst all this profound beauty, the island tucks another blessing – the Santorini Hot Springs. Visited by thousands of visitors for its healing properties (and now only), it is one of the most popular local attractions.

Whether you opt for one of the many Santorini hot springs tours available or decide to explore this fantastic site on your own, you’ll be rewarded in more ways than one. You see, besides the therapeutic attributes associated with swimming in the waters of this particular area, the hot springs also offer stunning views of the island Caldera and the open sea.

In this guide, you’ll find details and facts about the Santorini Hot Springs not many people know of, as well as ways to get there and enjoy this natural spectacle with the remedial qualities.

Where are the Hot Springs?

There is something only a few visitors know about Santorini. The volcanic crater at the heart of the Caldera is actually a small complex of volcanic islands, namely called Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni – both shaped in the late 1500s after a series of massive volcanic eruptions. The water surrounding these islands is where the so-called Santorini Hot Springs are.

So, the Nea Kameni and Palea Kameni isles show you the way to the Santorini Hot Springs. Alternatively, you could take the premium cruise from Ammoudi Bay and sail toward the volcanic island of Thirassia (a beautiful sight on its own – definitely worth visiting). Before you reach the Nea Kameni island, the cruise stops for a reinvigorating bath in the hot springs.

The most enjoyable and relaxing way to get here is by joining one of the many Santorini Hot Springs tours (i.e., boat tours, jet-ski tours, kayaking tours, SUP tours, Santorini volcano tours, and more). Most of them depart from either the Athinios Port or the old Fira port.


  • You can request a Santorini private tour of the hot springs and customize it per your needs.
  • Feel free to contact Maison Des Lys Santorini luxury hotel for any further requirements or arrangements for a hot springs tour or cruise.

Exciting Facts About the Hot Springs

Potentially, the volcanic activity in Santorini is the reason behind the rich-in-manganese waters around the island. In fact, many people with bone and arthritis-related issues that visit the springs frequently admit feelings much better over time.

You can understand that you are entering the Santorini Hot Springs by the change of the sea colour. The closer you get to the springs, the more the sea shifts from shades of cobalt blue to murky brown or reddish. This is merely an indication that the waters are not clear. It’s just an indication that the specific area is, indeed, a hot spring containing iron. When it (the iron) is exposed to the water’s oxygen, it transforms into brown-coloured colloidal particles.

Some more interesting details about the hot springs:

  • You can see the Nea Kameni island (and, therefore, the hot springs) from nearly all Santorini villages around the Caldera.
  • The temperature of the water ranges between 30oC and 35oC.
  • It is said that soaking in the hot springs can help relieve conditions such as fascia injuries, myoskeletal tensions, muscle stiffness, arthritis, rheumatism, and skin disorders.
  • The volcanic craters beneath the Nea Kameni island are still active. Don’t be alarmed if, for example, you enjoy a healing bath in the springs while gazing at a heart-stopping Santorini sunset and see the water bubbling a bit. It’s a perfectly natural phenomenon that allows scientists to predict an upcoming volcanic eruption within a few months beforehand.

Before Visiting the Hot Spring – Tips

The sulfur in the Santorini Hot Springs will probably change the colour of your bathing suit. Therefore, it is recommended to leave your best bathing suit for a visit to one of the prestigious Santorini beaches. That way, you won’t get upset if it gets ruined by your hot springs’ dives. You could also bring a second bathing suit to slip into once you get back on board your cruiser, yacht, or catamaran.

If you decide to walk up the famous Santorini volcano hosted by Nea Kameni, be careful while walking as the volcano is not idle or inactive (although the last volcanic eruption occurred more than 60 years ago). For more information, feel free to ask the assistance of the friendly Maison Des Lys Luxury Suites. We have been steadily a top-rated establishment of all 5-star hotels in Santorini for the exclusiveness, world-class services, comprehensive range of luxury amenities, and, of course, our focus on our guests’ maximum gratification.

Time to submerge in the ultimate pampering Santorini knows how to provide, and a visit to the Hot Springs is, indeed, a sensational experience and novelty activity for all ages to savour.