Private & Luxury Santorini Boat Tours For Unforgettable Experiences

Jul 28, 2021 | BLOG

Exploring Santorini’s beauties from the comfort, privacy, and elegance of a luxury yacht, catamaran, or cruiser is one of the most rewarding escapades when visiting the island. Most Santorini boat tours are usually guided and open to a few participants at a time. However, there are plenty of options offering customized routes and itineraries and are totally private.

Here are some details about the most exclusive boat tours that will enable you to discover magical locations that justify Santorini’s fame as the Queen of the Cyclades.

What to expect from a luxury boat tour in Santorini

 The majority of Santorini boat tours are run by individuals or groups of individuals with immersive sailing experiences. This applies from top to bottom and includes from the CEOs to the qualified captains and crew members who accompany you at all times to ensure your safety and maximum enjoyment. These companies own fleets that meet the highest security standards and provide the smoothest and fastest sailing cruises and elevate your comfort with lavish, upscale experiences.

Feel like setting sails for the open sea and discover the charms of the other Greek islands near Santorini? Or perhaps having a cruise around the island to admire a heart-stopping Santorini sunset and visit its unique volcanic beaches? Whatever the case may be, the adventure you are about to have will definitely be unforgettable. Feel free to relax on the deck as the enchanting Aegean Sea breeze makes the entire getaway even more gratifying.

Regarding the complimentary facilities included in most private cruises, these could consist of welcome drinks, dinner on board, transportations from and to the Maison Des Lys Santorini suites with private pool and snorkeling gear.

Boat Tours Options

Santorini’s coastal scenery is absolutely captivating and can best be enjoyed through a private catamaran or motor yacht cruise that will take you to all the famous Santorini beaches while having lunch or BBQ or enjoying a glass of the finest local wine on board and visiting the highlights of each destination. The most beloved shores and sites are those of the southern coast, such as the Red Beach, picturesque Ammoudi Bay, famous black-sand beach at Perivolos, imposing Caldera,  striking Black Mountain, and the scenic Pori area with the crystalline waters.

Such Santorini boat tours are usually daytime options and last around 4-6 hours. Depending on the route you take, you could be swimming by the infamous Santorini volcano and reaching remote and secluded shores. Also, relax at the Hot Springs, have a meal at a seaside tavern, and/or spoil yourself with the surprises your crew has for you and your friends, family, or partner just before the sun sinks behind the horizon, offering you the most idyllic sunset views ever seen.

These private Santorini boat tours can either be half- or full-day cruises. In the latter case, expect exciting expeditions to explore the small volcanic islands adjacent to or near Santorini, such as Palea Kameni, Nea Kameni, Thirasia, and Aspronisi. The beauties that lie within these charming little dots on the map are simply amazing.

Ready to celebrate your Santorini honeymoon? Propose to your loved one? Commemorate an anniversary in glorious sunsets? Then a sunset cruise may probably be ideal for you. It will be just the two of you amidst the shimmering Mediterranean Sea with the calm, crystalline waters and the descending sun as a romantic backdrop, creating a dreamy scenery and amplifying emotions away from the crowds.

Where do these boat tours start from? All tour companies offer a private shuttle from the Maison Des Lys Santorini luxury hotel to the port or beach from where you will set sails.

Private island-hopping tours

As already mentioned above, you may opt for one of the available private Santorini boat tours to other Cyclades islands. An Ios island tour is a highly sought-after cruise that introduces you to the incomparable allures of the magnetic island with the golden sand coastline and the azure waters. Ideal for swimming and snorkelling, Ios gives the tour a pleasurable flair that may even be infused with local flavour and tastes, and visits to the adorable whitewashed houses and the lovely blue-domed churches.

Other island tours you might be interested in are those stopping at the:

  • Virgin island of Anafi with the picture-perfect villages and breath-taking scenery.
  • Cosmopolitan island of Mykonos with the legendary parties and VIP lifestyle.
  • Folegandros island, whose untouched land and its exotic beaches will steal your heart for sure.

Of course, you can have the itinerary designed to meet your specific needs. Just ensure you communicate your particular occasion or requirements with the Santorini boat tours organizers a bit ahead of time, so that they can plan out all the details for a seamless and utterly indelible sailing experience.

When the cruise comes to an end, expect a modern air-conditioned shuttle van to bring you back to your Maison Des Lys Luxury Suites – one of the very few resorts and Santorini hotels with a private pool – to close the day with stunning sea panoramas and all the VIP services and pampering you are used to.